This is what
we want to show the world

Regional wine culture, local traditions and historical landmarks around Barcelona. All mixed up with the best service, before, during and after the tour.

This is how we like to do it

We mix the availability and benefits only big companies can offer, with the most intimate feel and chilled atmosphere of the smallest.
Best service comes by hand with a relaxed atmosphere in a reduced group.
Max. 18 people!
Top English speaking local guiding team raised in the country.
Daily and regular wine tours that combine history with small, family owned boutique wineries.

And this is what we have achieved!


In the World

Top 3 Day Trips for our full day tour on TripAdvisor 2020!


In Europe

Top 7 Experiences for our full day tour on TripAdvisor 2020!


In Spain

Top 1 and 2 Experiences for our full and half day tours on TripAdvisor 2020!

Other awards and recognition

Top 3 Day Trips In the World for our full day tour
Top 7 Experiences In Europe for our full day tour
Top 1 Experiences In Spain for our full day tour
Top 2 Experiences In Spain for our half day tour
Top 10 best experience in the World by Tripadvisor
Incredible Classic Experience
Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame, and thousands of reviews from travelers
on TripAdvisor
Best Eno-touristic Experience to our closest partner Oller del Mas by Catalan Tourism Agency

Do you want to know more?

We understand these awards as a recompense to all the social values that conform the backbone of the company. We don’t believe in part time jobs and low wages, and so Castlexperience has offered above-the-standards conditions to every new member of the team since the project was born.

Only by taking care of ourselves and the whole team will we really be able to take care of our guests and our product! The market seems to agree with us, and so we are more encouraged than ever to pursue our values and offering you all the most local experiences in the Spanish and Catalan wine country.

About us

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