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Castlexperience offers day trips to Montserrat Monastery and beautiful wineries in the wine country surrounding Barcelona. Our daily tours depart throughout the year from the very Barcelona center. We bring our guests closer to Spanish and Catalan wine culture and gastronomy through an array of experiences. Our English-speaking local guides lead our guests in small groups of up to 18 people. 

Although, more than just that, Castlexperience is the group of people it composes of. And we are a very hard-working, committed and enthusiast group of people. But, on top of it, we are cheerful, vibrant and passionate. This is our personality and so that is of our tours! Our vocation is to reach the perfect blend between history and wine tradition, between so much culture and so much fun! Let us pass our enthusiasm on to you. Meet our team!

Our Local Guides


Pol Salomó

Pol was born in 1989 with a strong interest in the culture of the land he was living in. During his childhood, he would spend his summers enjoying the breathtaking views of Montserrat from his family's countryside "masia" while sharing good company and delicious food. He later graduated in History, specializing in the history of his hometown, Barcelona. As he developed a deep desire to explore new worlds, he decided to travel the world, which left a lasting impact on him. He has now decided to take a break from his travels and share his passion for Catalonia with visitors.

Merak Villa

Merak grew up in Mexico. He graduated in International Relations and he worked for the federal government for a while, but the suit, tie and bureaucracy did not convince him as a lifestyle so he tried his luck working as an adventure guide in the Cancun jungle. After 10 years among crocodiles, snakes, spider monkeys, margaritas and coconuts,  he decided to give a twist to his life and he moved to Barcelona, ​​where he has found a good balance between wine and tacos.

Mariana López

With roots in Catalonia and Venezuela, Mariana was raised in the land of sparkling wine "cava" and grew up surrounded by cultural diversity. She inherited the talent to express herself artistically from her family. In search of new opportunities, she moved away from Penedés to the beautiful city of Barcelona to deepen her two greatest passions: sociology and music. Being a guide is another way for her to express herself artistically. Whether on our tours or up on stage, her outgoing personality, positive energy, and social knowledge will create the perfect harmony to make your glass of wine an unforgettable experience.

Anays Alexander

Anays is a wonderful person who was born in New York City to a Panamanian mother and a Catalan father. She moved to Spain with her mother when she was eight years old and has been living in Barcelona ever since. She considers herself a Panamanian-American-Catalan and is passionate and very proud of her heritage. Anays is full of energy, light, and enthusiasm, and wherever she goes, she's the life of the party. She is a big fan of the arts in any discipline and is also an artist herself, with hobbies that include abstract painting and making music. She's like Pandora's box, but in a good way, of course. Her career began in Law School and Social Work, but being the people person that she is, she needed something that would allow her to connect more closely with people. So, she worked as an English teacher to pre-K children. Luckily for us, she found herself immersed in the world of wine culture and has been obsessed with everything about wine ever since. According to her plan, she should be an expert in wine in no time. She can suggest the best wine for you just by the music you listen to. Anays is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Nerea Romero

Born and raised in Barcelona, Nerea has been drawn to reading and swimming since childhood. Practicing artistic swimming for thirteen years taught her hard work, discipline, and teamwork. She has always had a passion for teaching and finds it fascinating to share her knowledge with others, while also being open to learning from them. Nerea earned a degree in Catalan and English, and after many years of teaching, she decided to pursue a change. Castlexperience offered her the perfect opportunity to continue sharing her knowledge, this time about her country. Sweet and bubbly, she will provide an extraordinary experience.

Nuria Fraile

Nuria was born in 1990 in l'Hospitalet de Llobregat, the second largest city in Catalonia by population. She has always been fond of the visual arts, literature, and cinema. Consequently, she graduated in Media Studies. However, after some years of travelling and meeting individuals from all walks of life, she realized that what she was passionate about was working with people and being able to share and exchange cultural and historical insights about Barcelona. After finishing a Master's degree in Arts and Cultural Management, specializing in Heritage Education, she made the decision to quit teaching and become a tour guide. Knowledgeable and funny, she likes to think of herself as a storyteller with the added value of being able to recommend the perfect wine for you.

Javier Rodríguez

Javier was born in Argentina and raised in the countryside of "La Pampa Argentina". Since he was a boy, he was a very charming and curious person. He studied music, several languages, and business. In his twenties, he found his passion in the wine world and started to work and learn about them. After many years of living in Buenos Aires, he decided to travel around the globe and lived in places like Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, and finally Spain, all while working in the wine industry. He loves to meet people from all over the world and to travel. Of course, as a musician, he loves to play music, and finally, we have to say that he's a crazy nature lover. That is why being a guide at Castlexperience is the perfect mix for all his passions: meeting people, wine, and the music of nature.

Iván Guzmán

Iván Guzmán is a knowledgeable and sensitive tour guide born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1990. He graduated as an architect, but he spends most of his time pursuing a multi-disciplinary art career, with a focus on painting and sculpture. Iván came to Barcelona 5 years ago with the intention of studying a Master's in Architecture, but this beautiful city changed his course towards art and nature. His long-lasting interest in architecture, nature, and beauty has led him to gain a wealth of experience and knowledge in Montserrat and Castlexperience wine tours, providing visitors with detailed and enriching experiences.

Marcel Graell

Marcel is a passionate history teacher, born and raised in Barcelona. With an innate love for his hometown and a deep appreciation for Catalan culture, Marcel relishes every opportunity to share his knowledge of the city's past. His infectious passion for history always manages to bring the stories of the past to life in a captivating and thought-provoking manner. Marcel's enthusiasm for the rich history of Barcelona and the wider Catalan region is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who has the pleasure of learning from him. Joining one of his tours guarantees an exceptional experience guided by a remarkable storyteller.

Eduardo Algar

Eduardo was born in Jerez de la Frontera, one of the world's most renowned wine regions, and has had a keen interest in culture from a young age. A lover of history and art, he is also a knowledgeable connoisseur of economics and law, having studied Business Administration and Management and pursued further studies in related fields. His studies have taken him to Rome, Amsterdam, Seville, and Troyes (France), providing him with a deeper understanding of the international environment and fluency in several languages. Eduardo's diverse academic background and global perspective enrich his tours, making for an engaging and informative experience for anyone seeking to explore the culture and history of his beloved Andalusia.

Gustavo Celis

Gustavo was born and raised in the tropical valley of Caracas, Venezuela. Growing up in a city surrounded by mountains and facing the Caribbean Sea, he developed a deep connection with nature and a passion for hiking and surf trips. However, his greatest passion to date has proven to be music. After graduating in Sound Engineering and Social Communications, he moved to Spain 6 years ago in search of the Mediterranean diet and a brighter future. After founding an independent record label in Barcelona and working in the tech industry for a while, he decided to become a tour guide to share his enthusiasm for history, nature, and wine with new people every day. His kindness, sense of humor, and easy-going vibe will make your experience a memorable one.

Guillermina Rodriguez

Guille, an Argentinean adventurer with Spanish and Italian roots, Guille was born and raised in one of the southernmost cities in the world, Ushuaia, located in Patagonia. She has always been in love with traveling and spending time in nature. She first moved to Oahu, Hawaii, where she spent a year studying English. There, she realised that she loves to get in touch with people from all over the world and learn about their culture. Therefore, she decided to seek a career that combined all her passions; in 2018, she came to Barcelona to study Tourism and Leisure Management. Since then, she has worked in the tourism sector, and has been enjoying life by sharing and learning about all aspects related to culture and traditions, while getting to know people from different countries. The first item in her ‘to do list’ wherever she travels to: try the local food and wine!

Francisca Rojas

Fran was born in 1989. Her mother is from Catalonia, but Fran grew up in the southern Chilean vineyards. At 25, she decided to come and discover the best wine routes in Spain. Naturally self-taught, she has found a way to pursue her passion through her work, seeking job opportunities simply to continue accumulating knowledge. A firm believer that life happens outside, she enjoys nature and the simple pleasures of life. Fran believes that companionship, smiles, and curiosity for knowledge are the best ways to discover and share the world, which is why Castlexperience combines her true passions of enjoyment, history, and wine.

Vitória Mazzoni

Vito fell in love with architecture after her first visit to Barcelona. She is a morning person who loves sports and music. Born in São Paulo, Brazil, she is super friendly, fun, and motivated to make things happen. Vito graduated in architecture and was captivated by urbanism and photography. She achieved her dream of living in Barcelona and has fallen more and more in love with the city and Catalan culture.

Daniel Schmitz

Born on the foothills of the Alps in Austria, he embarked on a cultural exchange adventure with Spain at a young age, which initiated the journey that led him to where he is today. Daniel's passion for traveling, interpersonal skills, and quick adaptability make him an excellent host for those who, like him, wish to explore and appreciate our culture, customs, and the fantastic Mediterranean lifestyle. Currently studying aviation at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Daniel has worked as a cabin crew member for various airlines, and as such, he is accustomed to providing exceptional service to those, like you, seeking to step out of their comfort zone and embark on the adventure of discovering our region and its charms. His warmth, knowledge, and charisma guarantee a delightful experience that you will treasure as a beautiful memory.

Philissa Williams

Philissa, born in British Guyana and raised in the States, always knew she wanted to be an artist. After living in Washington, D.C. for 18 years, she moved to Japan where she fell in love with their culture and cuisine. Returning home, she pursued cooking and fashion design, creating her own brand called Thembe Fashions, and eventually becoming a chef at a farm-to-table restaurant. Her love of travel took her on a sabbatical to Europe, with three months spent in her favorite city, Barcelona. It was during this trip that she knew she had to make the city her home. Now, almost a decade later, Philissa is happy to call Barcelona her permanent residence. With her passion for fine dining and creativity, she has transitioned smoothly into being a guide, using her skills to provide others with memorable experiences in her beloved city.

Yerai Arbona

Yerai was born on a small volcanic island called La Palma in the Canary Islands, located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. With a volcanic heart full of passion and love for life, he has always had a desire to travel the world, experience different cultures, meet new people, and discover new ways of living. Starting at the age of 18, he has lived in many different places such as Tenerife, Mexico, and Granada where he studied philosophy. He also spent several years working as a tourist guide in Prague. Now, he has returned to the Mediterranean to connect with his origins and has settled in Barcelona to once again be in touch with the sun, sea, and delicious food and wine. As a huge lover of art, music, and nature, he has found the perfect balance between traveling and meeting new people, while also enjoying the breathtaking mountains of Montserrat during his tours.

Toni Marco

Toni was born in 1994 to a local family in Alella, a medieval village known for wine production located near the Mediterranean Sea and close to the city of Barcelona. It was there, surrounded by vineyards and traditional Catalan farmhouses called masías, that his passion for history and geography was born, elements that would later inspire him to travel the world. After his travels, combined with studies in language and history, he decided to return to his hometown and pursue a career in the hospitality industry, working in a traditional restaurant that produced beer and, of course, served wine. However, upon discovering the dynamic world of tourist services, he felt it was time for a change. He had finally found a sector where he could combine all of his passions - history, wine, and, above all, interacting with people from all over the world.



Joan Ramón Juncàs

Has a Master's Degree in Business and Administration. After a profitable period of time in the UK working for serval companies and gathering experience and knowledge he came back to Barcelona, his native city, to start up a new business: an appartments building managed with bookings per days and weeks. Getting the experience and the know-how of the complicated Barcelona's tourism market. Now this quest is accomplished and the building is almost self-managed, he is looking forward to put himself into a new challenging adventure in the business world.

Pedro Ávila

Lawyer and entrepreneur. After many years dedicated to law in one of the country's most important law firms, he decided to change course in his career. Along with his friend Joan Ramón, he founded Castlexperience, an ambitious project that they have turned into one of the leading companies in the sector in Barcelona. He enjoys cinema, travel, food, wine, and life in general. He describes himself as a traveler on leave while he, together with his wife, dedicates himself to his most personal and exciting project, watching their three children grow up. He tries to put into practice the rule he learned in "Gone with the Wind," which his father instilled in him from a young age and which he now begins to value and understand: "Don't waste time; it is the substance from which life is made."


Since the beginning, he has managed to stand out in his team, demonstrating his versatility, dedication, and ability to create a relaxed and pleasant work environment. He is a cheerful person with a positive spirit, who enjoys talking about current affairs and history, discussing any topic in general, making friends, and, above all, making people around him feel comfortable. With extensive work experience in the tourism and commercial sector, he has worked in countries such as Morocco or the United Kingdom, although undoubtedly, Barcelona is the perfect place he has found to live.

Beatriz Mirambell

Free-thinker, Mediterranean, passionate, and fascinating. Barcelona is her favorite city, and tourism is the most enjoyable sector for her to work in. She enjoys working with numbers, loves wine, and appreciates her colleagues and even her bosses! Raised in a convent school, she spends her days between accounting entries, balances, and wine varieties. She hasn't found anything that makes her happier than working at castlexperince, where time flies by. Castlexperience is her perfect match, and she believes this is the start of a beautiful friendship.

Miguel Figueroa

Miguel Figueroa From the Caribbean, he was born in Venezuela where he studied and worked as a Journalist until the year 2012. Since he was a little boy he had the opportunity to visit different American and European cities which made him curious about cultures and society. When he was 27 he decided to move to Barcelona, in this amazing city he studied Broadcasting and after that he felt in love with tourism. Miguel is a jazz, blues and funk lover but he loves good music in general. He defines his love for wine with a UB40 song: “Red Red wine, stay close to me.”

Aurora Castro

Born in Tenerife and raised in Gijón, ever by the sea, Aurora grabbed her backpack at the age of 18 and started living the adventurous life she’d always dreamed of. Since then, this restless traveller hasn’t stopped moving. After 4 years living in the UK, where she completed a degree in Tourism, an employment opportunity brought her to Barcelona, a city she instantly fell in love with. She settled here, of course, still by the sea. After 3 years working in a boring office space, she found Castle, the perfect place where all her passions met: sharing a walk and a laugh with people from different cultural backgrounds, learning something new with them every day and, most importantly, food and wine.

Carolina Castellano

She was born on a sunny summer day in 1993. She was raised among pillars of golden sand and drops of the Atlantic Ocean, right in the Canary Islands. Her mother professed her a great passion for the English language and, therefore, Carol not only ended up studying Translation and Interpreting, but she also spent her high-school and university years bringing foreign friends home. That is when she started being an amateur tour guide around her lovely island. Also, along these years, she developed a deep connection with nature and sport that she still conserves. This help her to keep her restless character under control :P When she went to Germany due to an exchange and there she found out that it was time to explore the world a bit. After loads of adventures, she has decided to settle in Barcelona for a while. Or perhaps not only for while! She is having fun in this gorgeous city, climbing up Catalan mountains (such as Montserrat) and being a tour guide in Castlexperience where she is meeting new people every single day.


If you are willing to work in a new and dynamic company and you feel that your experience can bring something extra to our company don’t hesitate and send us your resume to this email address: info@castlexperience.com

We are currently looking for a tour guide to join our team. We are looking for enthusiastic people with extensive knowledge and passion about the city of Barcelona. A native level of both English and Spanish is required. If this sounds appealing to you, send us your CV through InfoJobs or to our e-mail address.

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