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Castlexperience offers day trips to Montserrat Monastery and beautiful wineries in the wine country surrounding Barcelona. Our daily tours depart throughout the year from the very Barcelona center. We bring our guests closer to Spanish and Catalan wine culture and gastronomy through an array of experiences. Our English-speaking local guides lead our guests in small groups of up to 16 people. 

Although, more than just that, Castlexperience is the group of people it composes of. And we are a very hard-working, committed and enthusiast group of people. But, on top of it, we are cheerful, vibrant and passionate. This is our personality and so that is of our tours! Our vocation is to reach the perfect blend between history and wine tradition, between so much culture and so much fun! Let us pass our enthusiasm on to you. Meet our team!

Castlexperience offers day trips to Montserrat Monastery and beautiful wineries in the wine country surrounding Barcelona. Our daily tours depart throughout the year from the very Barcelona center. We bring our guests closer to Spanish and Catalan wine culture and gastronomy through an array of experiences. Our English-speaking local guides lead our guests in small groups of up to 16 people. 

Although, more than just that, Castlexperience is the group of people it composes of. And we are a very hard-working, committed and enthusiast group of people. But, on top of it, we are cheerful, vibrant and passionate. This is our personality and so that is of our tours! Our vocation is to reach the perfect blend between history and wine tradition, between so much culture and so much fun! Let us pass our enthusiasm on to you. Meet our team!

Our Local Guides


Our team is formed exclusively by professional and local guides. They are extremely knowledgable on the Spanish and Catalan culture, oenology, and gastronomy.

Alex Torroba

Born in 1983 in Argentina, he already felt curiosity about the world since he was a child, when he played to learn by heart all the flags and capital cities at the age of 4. Right after finishing high school he decided to continue his studies in Spain, the land of his ancestors. He spent a period in Italy and had some brief experiences in Greece and London, but he ended up adopting Barcelona as his definitive home. It was love at third sight! Being passionate for nature, photography and gastronomy, he has always worked in the tourism industry, in contact with people from different cultures and different ways of thinking. He has invested his free time in travelling over the five continents, but always returning to his nest: Barcelona.

Aurora Castro

Born in Tenerife and raised in Gijón, ever by the sea, Aurora grabbed her backpack at the age of 18 and started living the adventurous life she’d always dreamed of. Since then, this restless traveller hasn’t stopped moving. After 4 years living in the UK, where she completed a degree in Tourism, an employment opportunity brought her to Barcelona, a city she instantly fell in love with. She settled here, of course, still by the sea. After 3 years working in a boring office space, she found Castle, the perfect place where all her passions met: sharing a walk and a laugh with people from different cultural backgrounds, learning something new with them every day and, most importantly, food and wine.

Jordi Colobran

Born and raised in a small village at the foot of Montserrat, Jordi grew up surrounded by nature and tranquility. Since he was a kid, he has felt nature as a part of him and after he had graduated in Translation and Interpreting, he decided to expand his knowledge by taking a postgraduate course in Ecotourism and Nature Guiding. Unexpectedly, Jordi happened to start working in a winery, where he discovered a fascinating world and where his passion for wine and cava grew larger. As a born traveler and adventurer, his biggest wish is to travel all around the world and explore the most beautiful unspoiled spots with a glass of wine in his hand.

Carolina Castellano

She was born on a sunny summer day in 1993. She was raised among pillars of golden sand and drops of the Atlantic Ocean, right in the Canary Islands. Her mother professed her a great passion for the English language and, therefore, Carol not only ended up studying Translation and Interpreting, but she also spent her high-school and university years bringing foreign friends home. That is when she started being an amateur tour guide around her lovely island. Also, along these years, she developed a deep connection with nature and sport that she still conserves. This help her to keep her restless character under control :P When she went to Germany due to an exchange and there she found out that it was time to explore the world a bit. After loads of adventures, she has decided to settle in Barcelona for a while. Or perhaps not only for while! She is having fun in this gorgeous city, climbing up Catalan mountains (such as Montserrat) and being a tour guide in Castlexperience where she is meeting new people every single day.

Pol Salomó

Pol was born in 1989 and since he was really young he was interested in the culture of the land he was living in. He used to pair summertime with good company and delicious food while enjoying the gorgeous views of Montserrat from his family countryside 'masia'. He graduated in History and specialized in that of Barcelona, his hometown. Little by little, he found out that his will to discover new worlds would push him to travel around, something that would mark his life forevermore. Now, he's decided to do a stop in his way around the world to share his passion for Catalonia.

Daniel Campos

He belongs to the Olympic generation as he was born in a small village of the catalan shore called 'Caldetes' the year 1992. He was just a child when he moved to Barcelona and he is amused by its beauty and culture. He studied History at the University and he did a master in Education, but his adventure began the year 2015 when he moved to Australia. There, he became a professional paella maker, and he travelled as much as he could around that terrific country with his old Mitsubihi Pajero. Now, he has come back more eager than ever to show to the world how beautiful his country is. As a curiosity, he has walked five times from Barcelona to Montserrat, and he has always finished his 16-hour nonstop trip, with a kiss to his beloved 'Moreneta'.

Ana Córdoba

Born in the Olympic year in Barcelona, ​​Catalan and with andalusian roots, Ana was curious about the culture of her land and the rest of the world since childhood. Therefore, he graduated in Humanities, exploring History, Art, Philosophy and Literature in depth; and later, specialized in Cultural Journalism. Passionate about discovering new parts of the world, new people and new sensations, she follows an enthusiastic, positive and joyful vision towards life ("Hakuna Matata", as her father always repeats). She always tries to enjoy every perception, because you know what they say, "the essential is invisible to the eyes".

Xavi Roses

Mr. X is full of surprises. Once he finished his degree in Tourism, he left Barcelona for a little city close to Dublin. He enjoyed his time in Ireland, especially the Irish accent and their devotion for beer. It was at that moment that he discovers his passion for meeting new people and learning from his culture. Also, his backpacker spirit awoke. That strong feeling, allowed Mr. X to visit South & Central America, Europe and some countries in Africa and Asia. At the end, he agreed with his mom to work in something that Mr. X is quite good at, entertain and be with people. He worked as an entertainer during several years, developing his amazement and acting skills. All this background is reflected in his always positive and extrovert character. For him, life must be lived with a smiling soul. If you feel like chatting, you can ask MR. X about politics, sports or TV Shows, but you must have a chair to sit down, he doesn’t know what a short story is! May the wine be with us!

Borja Gandul

Borja was born and bred in Barcelona, and proud of the neighborhood where he grew up: Sants. While at University, he had his first taste of life overseas when he spent some months in England. After that he moved first to Canada and later on to Japan, always looking for something new, but feeling a bit homesick he decided to move back to his hometown. Borja loves his city, but most of all loves sharing its history and culture and getting to know others. That’s how he discovered his passion: being a tour guide. So if you happen to meet him, feel free to ask anything you want to know. He’s always happy to talk about his city!

Luis Santana

Luis was born in sunny Canary Islands during the summer of ‘92. He grew up in a country house in the middle of the mountains, and so he quickly developed a deep enthusiasm towards animals and nature. Climbing trees, looking for small bugs and running around in the muddy roads were his hobbies when he was little, but it eventually led him to become a hiking and climbing guide in his hometown.   With time, the island where he was living started to feel a little too small, and so Luis left the nest hungry for new adventures all around the globe. In the meantime, he discovered his second biggest passion: movies. After devouring movie after movie, he decided to study filmmaking, and as soon as he finished his degree he settled down in Barcelona, a city that gathers everything Luis was looking for: both an inspiring and vibrant atmosphere in a big city, and gorgeous, breathtaking natural surroundings!

Pep Massons

Pep belongs to the “Olympic generation” (1992); he was born just before the games began in his native Barcelona. He studied Law in Barcelona, but his adventurous spirit brought him to study in Germany and in Lapland (Finland). Pep is in love with the history of Barcelona, and his main passion is to share the particular culture of his land with everybody.



Joan Ramón Juncàs

Has a Master's Degree in Business and Administration. After a profitable period of time in the UK working for serval companies and gathering experience and knowledge he came back to Barcelona, his native city, to start up a new business: an appartments building managed with bookings per days and weeks. Getting the experience and the know-how of the complicated Barcelona's tourism market. Now this quest is accomplished and the building is almost self-managed, he is looking forward to put himself into a new challenging adventure in the business world.

Pedro Ávila

Lawyer and entrepreneur. After many years dedicated to law in one of the most important law offices in Spain, he decided to turn around his working life. Together with his friend Joan Ramón they founded Castlexperience, an ambitious project aiming to become the first oenotourism company in Barcelona. Currently, having almost reached their target, he passionately co-directs the project – which he combines with law. He loves cinema, travelling, food, wine, and life in general. He defines himself as a “traveller on leave”. Together with his wife, he is dedicated to his most personal and exciting project – enjoying raising their three children. He tries to put into practice a motto learned from Gone with the wind. His father instilled it in him, and only now as a grown-up he values and understands it: “Don’t waste your time, for time is the essence of life”.

Victor Janer

Since the very beginning Victor has found a place in the team, always proving his versatility, dedication and ability to create a good, relaxed and informal working environment. Victor is a cheerful person with a positive spirit who likes to talk about current affairs, history and about any topic in general, making friends and especially ensuring that the people who are around feel welcome and comfortable. With extensive experience in the tourism and commercial sectors, Victor has worked in different countries like Morocco and UK, although undoubtedly in Barcelona is where he found the perfect city to live. We are sure that with Victor you will enjoy a fantastic and unforgettable tour.

Oriol Cervantes

Oriol’s relationship with Castlexperience began in April 2015, when he joined the guiding team, while he kept on guiding in other sites and highlights of Barcelona and the surroundings. His academic background in Biology and Tourism took him to leave this boat, thirsty as he was for adventure, when he departed to East Africa to lead safari routes in National Parks, on summer 2016. But Castlexperience wouldn’t let him leave that easily and, upon his homecoming, he more than gladly joined the family again. Nowadays, this Barcelonian assumes an Assistant Operations Manager role in our office, while he tries hard to apply his convictions towards ethics and awareness for Castlexperience to develop a Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. And he may very well succeed! He hates to call it CSR, anyway, so if you happen to find him on your tour, never mention that term to him, or you will see him rolling his eyes!

Yaiza Sierra

Yaiza was born in 1990 in Cantabria, a beautiful county in the north of Spain. She is a BA graduate in English Studies and spent the last year of her degree studying in England. She moved to Barcelona in order to study a MA and decided to stay in the city to become part of the Castlexperience office team. Although this is her first job in tourism, her passion for literature and culture makes this position perfect for her.

Miguel Figueroa

Miguel Figueroa From the Caribbean, he was born in Venezuela where he studied and worked as a Journalist until the year 2012. Since he was a little boy he had the opportunity to visit different American and European cities which made him curious about cultures and society. When he was 27 he decided to move to Barcelona, in this amazing city he studied Broadcasting and after that he felt in love with tourism. Miguel is a jazz, blues and funk lover but he loves good music in general. He defines his love for wine with a UB40 song: “Red Red wine, stay close to me.”

Beatriz Mirambell

Free-thinker, Mediterranean, passionate and fascinating. Barcelona is my favourite city and tourism, the funiest sector where I can develop. I like numbers, I like wine; I like my colleagues and I even like my bosses! Raised in a nun's school, I spend my life between accounting entries, balances and stocks. I have not been able to find anything that makes me happier than working at Rusc de Turisme, where the days feel like minutes. Castlexperience is my perfect match! I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.



Our regular tours are created with the same rigor as if they were luxury private tours, for which we have reached strategic agreements with top level providers with the aim of assuring clients the highest quality service.



  • Our Montserrat, Food & Wine Tour is one of the Top 10 Wine Experiences in the World, according to TripAdvisor (2018).

  • Tripadvisor's Certificate of Excellence (2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013), with over 1,600 traveler reviews.

  • Viator's Top Rated Award (2017, 2016), that places us amongst the top providers of experiences in our area.

  • Over 80,000 satisfied customers - check out our videoreviews!

  • Organization of an event for 150 Spanish Golden Keys members (2014).

  • Organization of a visit to Barcelona for an important governmental and business Chinese delegation from Guizhou (2012).

  • Collaboration in the organization of a “dinner in the vines” for 2,000 people from McKinsey & Co (2011).


  • We have a multidisciplinary team of more than 30 professionals.
  • Nowadays we are offering 5 tours with daily guaranteed departures and a wide range of set and tailored private tours upon request.
  • Sales network in USA (California) and UK (London).
  • Our tours are distributed in more than 200 hotels in Barcelona.
  • We are the founders of Rusc de Turisme, the first coworking space in Europe focused exclusively on the tourism industry.
  • We work side-by-side with the wineries Oller del Mas and Ca n’Estella, and count with their support and collaboration
  • We are members of several public institutions that promote tourism in Barcelona and the rest of Catalonia (Agència Catalana del Turisme - Marca Enoturisme; Turisme de Barcelona - Barcelona Food & Wine; y Enoturisme Penedès).


If you are willing to work in a new and dynamic company and you feel that your experience can bring something extra to our company don’t hesitate and send us your resume to this email address: info@castlexperience.com

We are currently looking for a tour guide to join our team. We are looking for enthusiastic people with extensive knowledge and passion about the city of Barcelona. A native level of both English and Spanish is required. If this sounds appealing to you, send us your CV through InfoJobs or to our e-mail address.

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