Shall we go and have some bravas?

Of course, why not?

They are a classic. Whenever, wherever, we are always in the mood for them. And if you add a cañita to the combo, even better. Since their “boom” in a couple of bars from Madrid during the eighties to the international phenomenon that they have become; nowadays you will be able to find bravas practically in any corner of the planet. And by that I mean that you can read the word bravas on the menu, but what may or may not be served is your own responsibility.

But let’s go straight to the point: where can you find Barcelona’s best bravas?

El Tomàs de Sarriá (a.k.a Bar Tomàs)

Homey. That’s how Bar Tomàs and its bravas are. And that’s how we like them, they are considered the best of Barcelona after all. In the middle of Sarrià’s neighborhood, the spirit of countryside’s tabernas is still alive in Bar Tomàs.

Their potatoes are cut in irregular shapes, they are fried in olive oil during just the right amount of time so that they get their beautiful golden color. Tomàs de Sarrià’s bravas are served with alioli (garlic and oil sauce), which makes them ideal for a beer with friends and an awful idea for a first date.

Senyor Vermut

Bravas pair perfectly with beer, but that doesn’t mean that they can only be served with it. Barcelona’s new King is vermut and we are not going to ignore it. Senyor Vermut is a space with personality: you will find all kinds of characters, from office workers to families and the occasional lost tourist. Its cozy terrace offers  the ideal atmosphere to enjoy their potatoes with an excellent vermut.

Senyor Vermut’s bravas are served not only with the traditional alioli but also with an exotic spicy sauce that provides a consistent sour flavor. They are also accompanied by small pieces of green pepper to add a perfect touch.

Las Delicias del Carmel

There is no better to get that hungry feeling than walking around Park Güell or enjoying the unbeatable views from Carmel’s bunkers.

On  the first number of Mühlberg street you’ll find Las Delicias del Carmelo, one of the few bars that has survived the modernization of the neighborhood and it has become a pilgrimage spot for brava’s lovers.

In this Carmel’s corner potatoes are also served rustic style, a half of alioli a and a half of romesco. In its romesco you can find notes of almond and tomatoes and you won’t feel it in your breath all day (hopefully), which is always a plus. Simply perfect.

Bar Omar

In the heart of Sant Gervasi, bar Omas is a surprise to all first visitors. It offers reasonably priced high end cuisine in a cozy ambiance. All of their tapas deserve the compliments of those who have tasted them, who always highlight, once again, the parties queens: the bravas.

At Bar Omar they are served poached with a touch of ideal temperature before their presentation. Their two sauces complete each other to perfection: the alioli of roasted garlic and saffron provides a yellowish color that pairs with the stir-fry of shrimp’s head. Delicious!


The chain of burguer restaurants König may not be known for its authenticity, but their bravas are an absolute pleasure. The “King” (that’s what König means in German) of casual encounters between friends turned out to be such a success that they have expanded their empire from Girona to Barcelona, where they’ve opened a couple of restaurants in the city center. Their prices are very, very competitive!

At König, bravas are offered with two kinds of sauces. The most traditional one includes a pink sauce, a result of the union of mayonnaise and red pepper. It’s good, yes, but the alternative is just superior: cheese sauce with pieces of parmesan. A must.