No-crowds Montserrat & Choir Afternoon Tour

This is an afternoon tour to Montserrat meticulously crafted to offer you an unparalleled and intimate encounter with this renowned monastery. Away from the crowds, delve deep into the heart of Montserrat's mystique, where each step unveils layers of history, spirituality, and natural wonder.

Savor the privilege of exploring the monastery's hidden corners, where the echoes of ancient chants linger, and the essence of devotion permeates the air. With personalized attention and insider access, this tour ensures you embrace the true essence and beauty of Montserrat, creating memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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Adult 54€
> 65 y/o
4-12 y/o
Children under 3 y/o may join any tour free of charge, but please note no food, drinks or car seats are provided


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