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Montserrat, Food & Wine | Private tour

Private tour

Barcelona is much more than a vibrant city. It lies in the core of a very rich region, filled with culture, medieval history and stunning landscapes. All of it spiced up by the healthy, flavorful and recognised Mediterranean gastronomy and its cherry on top: wine. Escape the city for one whole day to explore the heart of the region that surrounds it: Catalonia, one of Spain’s top wine-producing regions. During this full-day tour, be stunned by the views from Montserrat, one of the cradles of the region’s spirituality. Then dig deep into the soil by learning about the different terroirs in the surrounding country and tasting the range of flavours it can produce in the shape of wine (and olive oil!). In short, enjoy here a private and exclusive version of our top-selling tour that will carry you away!

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